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E. Allen Gordon Library

New homepage of the E. Allen Gordon Library

Justin Lillard, Director of the E. Allen Gordon Library

Mr. Lillard was born and raised in southwest Arkansas.  Over the years, he’s lived in almost every region of the state, as well as: Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia. 

He enjoys reading and writing across a broad range including: history, theology, literature, politics, economics, science fiction, fantasy fiction, and comic books. 

Jeannie Luu, Assistant Librarian

Ms. Luu has been at UACCM since 2020.

She enjoys devotional literature, juvenile mysteries, and young adult fiction (e.g., Nancy Drew and The Invisible Library).

Her hobbies include scrap-booking, jigsaw puzzles, and board games.

Her favorite movie is My Fair Lady, but she also enjoys superhero and sci-fi movies.

Ms. Luu believes learning is part of life; so, choose the lessons you want to learn carefully.

Lizee VanGilst, Library Technician

Ms. VanGilst has 83 first cousins. 

She enjoys spending time with her dog (Jake) and cat (Natasha). 

Romance is her favorite genre. 

When not reading or hiking, she's liable to be on phone calls with family. 

Originally from Pine Bluff, Ms. VanGilst enjoys living in Perryville near her godparents.

Michael Cockrum, Library Technician

In addition to being a library technician, Mr. Cockrum is an English major who's writing an urban fantasy novel about a young man battling werebeasts in rural Virginia.
Some of his favorite stories include Howl’s Moving Castle, DiscworldFrankenstein, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Shellie Kemp, Library Technician

Ms. Kemp lives in Atkins with 2 sons, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. 

She is the librarian at Atkins Elementary and loves all library-related things.  

Her favorite genres are historical fiction and thrillers. 

Otherwise, she spends her time watching funny television shows, and listening to the Nateland podcast.