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Copyright Resource Center

Learn the main topics associated with copyright and ethical reuse of information and copyrighted materials.

How to Obtain Permission

If fair use does not apply and there are no other applicable exceptions under copyright law, the only way to use the copyrighted work without potentially incurring legal liability is to obtain the permission of the copyright owner in advance. The owner is not always easy to determine and is frequently the publisher and not the author/artist.  Send a letter requesting permission to the owner of the work. If you do not know the identity of the owner, it is often best to begin with the publisher of the work. Publishers, authors and artists are often, but not always, generous in granting permission to use their work in an educational context.

The Gordon Library will assist you in placing materials on reserve for your classes. 

To do this, requests must be submitted via the online form located on the "Course Reserves" page of the Faculty Resource Hub LibGuide.