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New Student College Orientation: Connect to Campus

Welcome to the online version of New Student College Orientation! To complete orientation you must review the content included in this guide and complete the quiz on the "What's Next" tab with an 80% or higher before your due date.

Connect to Your Campus

The Connect to Your Campus video will introduce you to the Portal, Campus Connect, and your UACCM email. Understanding how to use these features is essential for UACCM students.

UACCM Computer Services Username/Password formula:
  • User Name:    first initial + middle initial + last name + last 3 digits of your Student ID 
    • EXAMPLE: JCDoe321
    • If you don’t have a middle initial substitute an ‘X’   EXAMPLE: JXDoe321
  • Password:       uppercase first initial + your Student ID number
    • ‚ÄčThe first initial must be Capitalized and no dashes are used.
    • EXAMPLE: J987654321

Academic Advising & Career Services

*NOTE: Each student will be assigned a faculty advisor.  Both the faculty advisor and the Advising Center advisors are here to help you as you make decision regarding your education. 

Registration dates for fall and summer semesters are posted beginning in March, and spring semester dates are posted beginning in October. All advising appointments may be made online through Appointment Plus. Access Appointment Plus on the Registration Dates page and click the "Book Now" button when available. Students may also call 501-208-5307 or drop by the Academic Advising and Career Services in Business Technology Center room 200 to make an appointment.

For more information about Academic Advising & Career Services, visit the Advising Center website.

Contact Information

UACCM Main Campus

1537 University Blvd.        Regular Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Morrilton, AR 72110          Summer Office Hours: Monday - Thursday: 7:00 am - 5:30 pm

Phone: 1-800-264-1094